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  • Wilson A500 11″5 Baseball Glove


    The A500™ is the lightest all-leather glove on the market. The glove’s top-grain leather provides a flexible, ready-to-play feel that performs without the extra weight of other leather gloves.

  • Wilson Official League Baseball

    • Raised seams are 20% higher than flat seam baseballs, giving pitchers and fielders better grip and more accuracy
    • Grey wool winding
    • Grade C/D full grain leather
    • Red Cushioned Cork center keeps the baseball more energized during bat/ball collision
  • Wilson MBL Prime Maple C271 HG 33"


    Baseball's biggest hitters choose maple for its harder hitting surface and greater durability. The Genuine Maple series is pulled from their original production line for some minor flaw that will not affect the bat's performance. These small production errors mean deep savings on superior bats ideal for practice, batting cages or even games.

  • Wilson Pro Stock Glove Conditioner PDQ


    Conditions, cleans and restores your glove in one step

    Dependable glove softener that revitalizes leather

    Does not leave an oily or greasy residue

    Restores the natural leather scent

    Contains lanolin and vitamin E

  • Wilson FP Proven 18-13 31"


    The new Proven bat (-13) from Louisville Slugger is the ideal choice for younger players who want to increase the speed of the bat and have maximum control. It is made with a monoblock structure that gives a feeling of greater solidity to the touch and its entirely composite design makes it ideal for younger fastpitch players. Take your game to the next level with the Louisville Slugger Proven 2018 bat.

  • Wilson A360 12" Baseball Glove


    The 12" A360 is the perfect glove for those just learning the game and looking for a slightly bigger size. Its 12" utility size allows the young ballplayer to play anywhere on the field to help develop their game.The A360 will go a long way in the development of young ball players. This glove features a full pigskin palm and web, as well as a hook and loop strap to make the glove feel secure on your hand throught the game.

  • Wilson New York Yankee Mini Baseball Bat


    Celebrate the game and your favorite team with an 18" mini bat made from Genuine Louisville Slugger wood. These bats are perfect souvenirs and gifts for yourself or the baseball fan in your life.

  • Mikasa TL 40 Valve Replacing Tool


    Valve replacement tool with 5 spare valves for Mikasa balls.