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  • Wilson BLX 140 Squash Racket


    The Wilson One Forty Squash Racquet has BLX technology with the integration of the Triad system.  Integrated together, this racquet will deliver the perfect balance of comfort, power, and feel.

    Weight Unstrung 140g

  • Gilbert Tag Rugby


    The Gilbert Touch rugby ball is ideal for team warm-ups, summer touch rugby and tag rugby. The Touch match ball is slightly larger than a size 4 match ball.

  • Waboba Woofpack


    Take your dog out to play all day! Woofpack includes 3 tail-wagging retrieval toys for air, land, and water play. Dog tested and approved. Howl yeah!

    • 3 in 1 dog toy set
    • Perfect for active dogs who love to retrieve
    • 1 Jetwag Disc - a durable, soft rubber disc
    • 1 Tailwind ball - a high bouncing, ultra durable ball
    • 1 Fetch ball - a water bouncing ball for the lake or ocean
  • Gilbert X-TR Training Ball


    training ball for all ages and great for recreational use as well.

  • Wilson DX3 Soft (12 Pack)


    Playability and soft feel are critical to a crossover player. The new DX3 Soft Spin has that great DX3 soft feel but now with even more spin on higher lofted clubs and wedges to give players that added greenside control that better players are accustomed to.

    Demand to play the world’s softest, multi piece surlyn ball. Demand DX3 Soft Spin.

  • Gilbert G-TR3000


    Gilbert training balls are designed and developed to provide outstanding performance in all conditions. The G-TR3000 ball is ideal for club Rugby, schools Rugby and junior Rugby.

  • Wilson Roger Federer 6pck Tennis Bag


    This replica version of Federer’s actual bag is designed for the everyday player in mind. Great fabrics, two main compartments can hold as many as 6 rackets and extra large side pocket. This bag can hold all of your equipment. PVC free for lower environmental impact.

  • Wilson Rush Pro Glide Tennis Shoes


    The future of tennis footwear is here.

    4 years of development and testing with the world’s best tennis footwear engineers, Wilson are proud to introduce you to a revolutionary product that is a true game changer.

    WHY GLIDE? You’ll cover more court in fewer steps as you move, slide, hit and recover to the next ball up to 30% faster.

    Enhances natural speed, agility and quickness by providing the right amount of slide and traction.

    Allows for commanding shots on the run, even stretched out wide shots.

    Let’s you control forward and lateral slide on hard court. 

    Training is an important part of perfecting the slide on hard-court and getting the most out of the Glide shoe.

  • Gilbert Zenon Training Ball


    The high-quality, hand-stitched Gilbert Zenon Rugby Training Ball uses Hydratec technology to enhance the life and performance of the ball.

  • Wilson Rush Pro 2.5 Tennis Shoes


    Wilson Men`s 2019 Rush Pro 2.5 Tennis Shoes are stable, durable, and comfortable. 

    They're designed to get you to all corners of the court quickly, but while offering the extra support that many players prefer out of a day-to-day tennis shoe.

    With features like Wilson's Pro Torque Chassis (PTC), Sensifeel, and others, competitive players can expect a solid, cushioned performance.

    The 2019 Rush Pro 2.5 also sits lower than the Rush Pro 3.0 for those who prefer a close-to-the-court feel.

  • Gilbert G-TR4000


    Designed and developed to provide outstanding performance, the G-TR4000 Trainer Rugby Ball - is perfect for club rugby, school, and junior rugby.

  • Gilbert G-TR4000 Fluoro


    Gilbert Fluoro GTR4000 training rugby ball has TRI grip technology, Hydratec barrier, 3 Ply poly-cotton and cotton laminate. Durable rubber surface.