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  • Wilson Ripper Junior Squash Racket


    Wilson Ripper Junior Squash Racket has a shortened yoke area to preserve the larger head for playability. Suitable for both left-handed and right-handed players it is a solid racket for juniors learning the game. 

  • Wilson Ultra UL Squash Racket


    The Ultra UL (Ultra Lite) is perfect for squash players seeking an arm-friendly racket capable of generating massive power. Boasting a significant head-heavy balance, the Ultra UL naturally comes through the ball with pace, adding a dose of power to a frame that is incredibly easy to maneuver at a moment's notice.

  • Wilson Pro Staff CV Squash Racket


    The Pro Staff Countervail unites ultimate control, feel and energy for advanced players looking to amp up consistency in their game. Featuring innovative Countervail Technology that transfers less of the ball's energy into the body, this racket maximizes your energy consumption and keeps you in control from the first point to the last.

  • Wilson Tempest Lite 134g Squash Racket


    Wilson Tempest Lite squash racket. A powerful but also maneuverable squash racket in the BLX Tempest series. Made with the addition of Basalt fibers that results in an extremely soft feel, ensuring your comfort. With a balance of 371 mm and a frame weight of 134 grams. It is ideal for the player who seeks both a technical stable squash racket, but also seeks power. The open stringing pattern of 12 x 18 ensures minimal air resistance.

  • Wilson Force Team Squash Racket


    Designed to help improve performance,The Wilson Force Team squash racket is light with a heady head. Power Holes in the head enhance feel and control by making the contact time between ball and strings a bit longer. This also gives more power and increases the size of the sweet spot. The Force Team racket is combined with BLX material which allows a better feel on shots. The 77in2 (496cm2) head and the head heavy balance ensure good power, and the 160g (5.6oz) frame is light and manoeuvrable. The fused graphite racket is supplied with a 3/4 cover and is pre-strung with a Wilson Nylon string in a 14x18 pattern.

  • Wilson Hammer 145 Pro Squash Racket


    The Wilson Hammer  145 Pro squash racket offers players the same hyper carbon frame as the lighter 120 version but with a smaller head size and more weight and  is aimed at hard hitting power players that are looking for more control.

  • Wilson Blade CV Squash Racket


    The Blade Countervail strikes a perfect balance between power and control within a sleek design that mimics the minimalistic style of the new Blade tennis franchise. Innovative Countervail Technology changes the game for its users by directing the ball's energy within the frame instead of the body, maximizing player energy and fueling shorter recovery time.

  • Wilson Impact Pro 500


    The Wilson impact pro 500 squash racket, is an ideal racket for beginners due to its large sweet spot increasing greater control and contact with the ball. In addition to its head light balance allowing, powerful shots resulting in a better on court performance.

  • Wilson Impact Pro 900


    The Wilson Impact Pro 900 Squash Racket, is enhanced with technologies that improve the power and reduce the vibrations so you can execute an accurate shot. crafted from resilient aluminium which is durable and has a light feel.

  • Wilson Impact Pro 300 Squash Racket


    Suitable both for fist-time players and those who play recreationally, the Wilson Impact Pro 300 squash racket has an oversized (496cm2) head for plenty of power. For manoeuvrability and good control over shots, the racket is head light balanced and comes strung with a durable Wilson nylon string in a 14x19 string pattern. The racket’s heavier weight (204g) further enhances power and an included head cover protects it between uses.

  • Wilson Blade Team Squash Racket


    The Wilson Blade Team Squash Racket, enables greater manoeuvrability, supports rotation and swing through the string system. The Blade also has a large centre sweet spot, enabling more power when making fast shots. 

  • Wilson Tempest Pro Squash Racket


    The Wilson Tempest Pro Squash Racket, assists you to hit the ball hard with relatively little effort. It has minimal air resistance making it a great power racket. Ideal for players at intermediate level.