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  • Wilson Roger Federer 6pck Tennis Bag


    This replica version of Federer’s actual bag is designed for the everyday player in mind. Great fabrics, two main compartments can hold as many as 6 rackets and extra large side pocket. This bag can hold all of your equipment. PVC free for lower environmental impact.

  • Luxilon Alu Power 125


    Light up the court with this Limited Edition ALU Power 125 string. Features same specs as the ever-popular ALU Power 125 in a vibrant colored coating - perfect for players wanting to make a statement on the court. Completely impervious to atmospheric conditions such as moisture, ALU Power delivers unrivaled consistent performance.

  • Luxilon BB Original (Set)


    This groundbreaking string provides amazing control, massive spin, and outstanding durability. Used by several ATP Tour professionals

  • Luxilon SAVAGE 127 Sets


    This string’s Liquid Crystalline Polymer composition generates another degree of feel for the ball.Unique hexagonal shape creates massive spin potential; Designed for players who want to hit heavy, spin-loaded shots; Proprietary Liquid Crystalline Polymer composition; Multi-mono technology for added performance and comfort.

  • Luxilon ALU Power Feel 120


    Luxilon ALU Power Feel 120 Tennis String is designed to provide power while ensuring perfect ball control. When using this string, players are able to be aggressive and hit through their shot without sacrificing control. It is ideal for big hitters, and allows for a soft touch and feel for all players. ALU Power Feel will provide more spin and power than regular ALU Power, but with less durability.

  • Luxilon Adrenaline Coil


    Ideal for hard-hitting players looking for more playability, spin and comfort in their string; Proprietary Liquid Crystalline Polymer composition increases the string’s power potential; Completely impervious to atmospheric conditions such as moisture

  • Luxilon Smart 125 sets


    LXN Smart is the world’s first high performance tennis string whose characteristics change in real-time based on the force of a player’s swing or shot. LXN Smart quickly identifies a player’s swing speed and then adapts to provide more flex on touch shots and more stiffness on power shots.

  • Luxilon Smart 125 Coil


    Introducing Luxilon Smart, a technologically advanced co-poly that combines great feel with impressive all-around playability. As with Luxilon's M2 and Element series, this string is built with a variable flex, enabling it to perform optimally across different stroke speeds. On faster swings, Smart is designed to stiffen so as to provide the attacking player with the needed control to ratchet up the power and spin.

  • Luxilon Alu Power Coil


     Luxilon exceeds all quality standards for near-zero variance in string. Pro players count on every set being identical; String is completely impervious to atmospheric conditions such as moisture; Reduce tension at least 10% lower than nylon strings to provide optimum playability as ALU Power does not suffer from tension loss common to other strings

  • Luxilon Element Rough 130 Set


    Element Rough incorporates the signature feel and comfort of Element strings with additional bite generated by a rougher texture. Multi-mono technology pairs with a unique Luxilon polymer to craft one of the most comfortable Luxilon monofilament strings - great for players who use long, fast strokes.

  • Luxilon Element 130 200m Coil


    Featuring multi-mono technology for additional touch and feel, Luxilon Element comprises a soft texture perfect for players with fast, big swings who dislike harsh vibrations caused by stiffer polyester strings. Ranking at or near the top for Luxilon in both softness and comfort, this string delivers remarkable precision and spin in the absence of vibrations.

  • Luxilon 4G 125 Set


    The durable and control focused response of Luxilon ALU and other Luxilon co-polyester strings has revolutionized professional tennis.