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Molten Corporation is a sports equipment and automotive parts company based in Hiroshima, Japan.

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  • Molten Basketball BRG5


    New patented 12-panel design for better fingertip control. Special rubber compound with deep pebble surface for good handling and durability. Nylon wound butyl bladder. Suitable for indoor & outdoor use.

  • Molten Basketball BGR6


    FIBA APPROVED. New Official 12-PANEL design. Rubber cover. Use special rubber compound to give a tacky feel and durability. Deep-pebble surface. Nylon wound.

  • Molten Basketball BGR7


    The Molten BGR7 FIBA Outdoor Rubber 29.5 Mens Basketball features the same 12 panel 2 tone look of the official FIBA ball but with a durable rubber cover for outdoor use

  • Molten BGH6X


    The Molten 365 indoor/outdoor basketball is made for use all year round and features X technology and parallel pebble construction. The outer cover is scuff-resistant and highly durable and the butyl bladder is nylon-wound for great air retention. This synthetic leather ball has a patented 12 panel Giugiaro design.

  • Molten BGH7X


    Synthetic leather basketball.

    X Technology - parallel pebble construction for complete consistency of touch no matter where the ball is held.

    "365 All Year Round" indoor/outdoor basketball.

    All new colour increases visibility of ball rotation at greater distances allowing both players and spectators to see every detail of play.

    Scuff resistant outer cover.

    Signature patented Molten 12-panel design.

    Nylon wound butyl bladder.

  • Molten BGM6X


    Indoor/outdoor basketball is made for use all year round. The outer cover is scuff-resistant and highly durable and the butyl bladder is nylon-wound for great air retention.

  • Molten BGM7X


    the bestselling Molten BGMX indoor/outdoor basketball series is ready to play wherever and whenever you choose. Designed to withstand competition in any environment, the FIBA approved BGMX basketball is a great choice for athletes everywhere.

  • Molten BasketballBGG6


    2-PANEL design. Composite leather. Carrying the innovative Molten Dual-Cushion Technology. Ultimate tacky feel. Deep pebble & scuff resistant outer cover. Nylon wound. Butyl bladder.

  • Molten Basketball BGG7


    FIBA Approved, its durable composite cover allows for exceptional grip and handling that elite athletes demand while playing at the highest level. ... Take control of your game with Molten's top of the line indoor basketball.