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A specialist supplier of protective goalkeeping equipment with a passion for hockey and humans alike. You name it, OBO supplies it, from protective head gear, to body armour, groin and feet, OBO will keep your goalie covered from all the hard knocks on the astro.

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  • OBO 2018 Ringball Ball


    Great quality three layer match ball standard with a latex bladder and hand stitched vulcanized rubber.

  • OBO OGO Chestpad XS

    • Ideal for Senior Primary Goalkeepers
    • Size: XS
  • OBO OGO Kickers and Pads XS


    The OBO OGO Pads and Kickers XS is ideal for junior club keepers and for general school use in the age range 11- 13 years. The leg guards take on the classic shape of OBOs senior ranges, but are lighter and softer, making them easy to use.

  • OBO OGO Promite Hand Protector Set


    • Same design as OGO Hand Protector Set, but smaller for youth goalies.
    • High density foam helps dissipate impact. 
    • Left hand blocker is designed for total protection and is shaped to help deflect the ball down towards your feet. 

  • OBO OGO Smarty Pants


    OBO Youth Smarty Pants are ideal for beginners, offering protection for the upper leg.The inner foam next to the skin is softer for comfort and the outer foam is harder for more protection. A draw string at the waist keeps the smarty pants in the right position.

  • OBO Cloud 9 Hotpants


    Waist belt to firmly position the pants.
    -Multi-panelled hip flexor protection to allow complete freedom of movement.
    -A pre-shaped to fit main protection panel that will not sip and expose the leg during play and that extends to cover the easily bruised inner thigh.
    Open crutch area for ease of movement and to help you stay cooler.
    -Rear waist adjustment to endure perfect fit.
    -Waistband for comfort and rib protection.
    Triple density hip pad for protection when logging of sliding.
    -Tail bone/coccyx protection.
    -Leg adjustment panel.

  • Robo Bored Shorts

    • Velcro Adjustment on waist band
    • Unique eyelet over flab for final adjustment and best fit
    • Outer shell made of heavy duty knit polyester
    • "Steel Skin" side panel
    • Super stretchy panel for easy movement
    • Soft and comfortable waist band
    • Belt to hold pants on waist
    • Comfortable and protective hip pads
  • Robo Hot Pants


    Tight fitting protective pants which are easy to move in but require a set of protective overshorts to avoid unnecessary wear to the lycra materials. Protection is provided by 13 individual panels of foam. Areas needing the most protection are covered by panels that combine closed cell foam and formed polyethylene plastic. Protection is extended upwards around the kidney area. OBO Hot Pants have a waist belt and front velcro to ensure there is a perfect fit and to also ensure they do not move around the body during extreme (and amazing) movements.

  • Robo Hi Kickers


    Durability of the Hi-Rebound kicker continues to be improved with strap exit reinforcement on the underside of the kicker.

    The new pre-moulded tongue goes a long way in reducing pressure on the shin, easing friction in the early stages of use.

    The hidden strapping system continues to create the perfect smooth kicking surface.

  • OBO PE Helmet


    The PE helmet is a strong, durable and lightweight helmet.

    5 ridge forehead and angular shape, maximising strength and ball deflection.

    Wide chin and chin scoop with a comfortable, adjustable, secure chin cup.

    High carbon steel wire cage designed and positioned to maximise visibility for the field hockey goalie.

  • Robo Carbon Helmet


    Carbon is one the strongest but lightest materials which is why it is great in helmets as it gives the player great protection whilst not affecting their game play by being to heavy.

  • OBO Cloud Throat Protector


    • Closed cell foam padding wraps around the entire throat to protect neck & windpipe. 
    • Velcro® closure.