List of products by brand Solinco

SOLINCO Sport Sense is the official Australian and New Zealand parter for Solinco Sports products. Solinco, known for their quality tennis strings that are taking the tennis world by storm.

SOLINCO specializes in the development and production of the highest quality and technologically advanced  performance tennis equipment on the market today. Our products include premium tennis strings, racquet’s,  grips and other accessories.INNOVATION is at the heart of SOLINCO’s core competencies and competitive advantage. With a fully dedicated R&D team, we take extreme pride in researching, developing, testing and improving new designs, engineering techniques, materials and technologies. By continuing to focus on developing cutting-edge equipment of the highest quality and performance.

  • Solinco Dragon Eye SQ 17G (Set)


    For squash players looking for the best in control and maximum power in their strings, the Solinco Dragon Eye 17G 1.20 squash string is the right choice. Players can expect high level performance polyester string with a multifilament core that optimizes feel and provides explosive power in their shots. Ultimate playability and durability are other key features of this premium string.

    -Polyester string.

    -Designed to generate maximum power and control.

  • Solinco Hyper G (Set)


    A newly developed, high performance and versatile co-polyester stringdesigned to offer playability and control while generating extreme power and intense spin and bite.