List of products by brand Fox 40

Fox 40 International Inc. is a company founded by Ron Foxcroft in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. The company's main success is in the whistle industry but it also produces a range of sports & safety accessories such as mouthguards, coaching boards, custom imprinted products, marine safety products and first aid kits.

Foxcroft set out to solve his problem and went to a plastic company looking for a better whistle. The company agreed to help him as long as he provided the design. Foxcroft drew up a list of key features that he wanted included in the whistle design. Foxcroft hired Chuck Shepherd an industrial designer to design the whistle. After more than 14 prototypes the solution was found. Many of the features that Foxcroft drew up in his original list were featured in the final prototype. Foxcroft was adamant that all whistles be painted bright colours, such as pink or yellow, in order to increase visibility of the person blowing the whistle, a statement that mystified Chuck Shepherd. He was eventually able to convince Foxcroft to drop this requirement from his list.Foxcroft and Shepherd were issued patent number 5816186 on Oct 6, 1998 under Ronald Foxcroft & Charles Shepherd