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  • Wilson Rush Pro 2.5 Mens Tennis Shoes


    Wilson Men`s 2019 Rush Pro 2.5 Tennis Shoes are stable, durable, and comfortable. 

    They're designed to get you to all corners of the court quickly, but while offering the extra support that many players prefer out of a day-to-day tennis shoe.

    With features like Wilson's Pro Torque Chassis (PTC), Sensifeel, and others, competitive players can expect a solid, cushioned performance.

    The 2019 Rush Pro 2.5 also sits lower than the Rush Pro 3.0 for those who prefer a close-to-the-court feel.

  • Wilson Rush Pro Glide Tennis Shoes


    The future of tennis footwear is here.

    4 years of development and testing with the world’s best tennis footwear engineers, Wilson are proud to introduce you to a revolutionary product that is a true game changer.

    WHY GLIDE? You’ll cover more court in fewer steps as you move, slide, hit and recover to the next ball up to 30% faster.

    Enhances natural speed, agility and quickness by providing the right amount of slide and traction.

    Allows for commanding shots on the run, even stretched out wide shots.

    Let’s you control forward and lateral slide on hard court. 

    Training is an important part of perfecting the slide on hard-court and getting the most out of the Glide shoe.

  • Wilson Squash Vertex Shoe


    If you need a reliable and responsive shoe for squash,ringball,netball or tennis with excellent grip and support, this is your shoe. Wilson outfit some of the world's best sportspeople and this is another quality shoe from a trusted brand.

  • Wilson Rush Comp Tennis Shoes


    With its clean look and high performance technologies, the Rush Comp  is sure to provide players with quick, explosive movements.

    However, this performance does not come at the cost of comfort, as a 9mm heel-to-toe drop exemplifies a compromise between feel and swiftness during play.

    This makes it a great option for any player looking for a balance of cushion, design, and cost.

    The modified herringbone tread pattern on the outsole is suitable for any court surface. 

  • Wilson Glide Comp Tennis Shoes


    The revolutionary Glide, the world's first shoe made to slide on hard court.

    By letting players control forward and lateral sliding, the Glide lets them move, slide, hit and recover to the next ball up to 30% faster.

    With Glide, players can cover more court to hit commanding shots on the run.

  • Wilson Kaos Comp


    Aggressive club players will love the fast, lightweight feel of the Kaos Comp. It's speedy, progressive design is sure to satisfy the appetite of any tennis enthusiast looking for something that's not "traditional". Synthetic materials make up the upper and are re- enforced in key areas to enhance stability and durability while Endofit technology provides a snug, glove-like fit. The outsole has a strategically placed zonal tread pattern to give you traction and durability in specific areas where you need it most

  • Wilson Kaos 2.0 Tennis Shoes


    The Wilson Kaos 2.0 tennis shoe is designed for aggressive players looking for speed and comfort. This extremely light and flexible shoe will provide the best propulsion in all situations. Updated for 2018, the Endofit upper provides support needed, and Dynamic fit gives this shoe a cushioned court feel and enhanced responsiveness. The R-DST+ offers the best combination of cushioning and rebound for a more dynamic performance on the court.

  • Wilson Kaos Stroke Tennis Shoes


    The Kaos Sroke is a soft and responsive light and comfortable shoe and is a solid option for the recreational player.

    Offering the recreational player a responsive and comfortable ride, the Kaos Stroke will help take your footwork to new levels. With step-in comfort, this shoe has a dynamic fit which not only holds your heel in place but provides a low to the ground feel with underfoot cushioning. It offers great levels of support and lateral stability to make moving on the court a breeze while the Duralast outsole offers maximum wear and durability on all court surfaces.

  • Wilson Kaos 2.0 SFT Tennis Shoes


    Become one with your shoe when you flash the Kaos 2.0 SFT. Highlighted by cutting-edge Symbiofit technology, the Kaos 2.0 SFT comprises a full bootie construction and lateral webbings to maximize feel and comfort throughout the foot. Combine a symbiotic fit with the superior support and durability offered by Skinguard, and you have dynamic footwear personified.

  • Wilson Kaos Devo Squash Shoes


    Ultra-lightweight and flexible, the Kaos Devo features 2D-Forefoot Support and Dynamic Fit technology to enhance responsiveness and feel. Designed for those armed with a passion for style and performance, this shoe's Light Pro Torque arch technology satisfies a player's craving for speed and propulsion all over the court, while the gum rubber Duralast maintains incredible traction on indoor courts.

  • Wilson Amplifeel Tillandsia

    The Amplifeel takes a revolutionary stride in tennis footwear for players who tear up all corners of the court. This shoe features innovative Amplifeel technology
    for extensive upper support and Pro Torque Chassis arch technology for torsion control and explosive acceleration. If you crave more upper ankle support and dynamic performance from your footwear, this is the shoe for you.
  • Wilson Glide Comp 1.5 Tennis Shoe


    The Wilson Glide Comp 1.5 Tennis Shoes will bring something completely unique to your fast-paced tennis game! A strategically placed Glide polyethylane technology will allow you to slide to your next ball, giving you more range on the court and certainly more recovery for your next shot. Perfect for tournament goers and tennis club frequenters, this groundbreaking technology allows you to recover 30% faster than a standard tennis shoe. This technology has a learning curb though, but has built in measures to make sure that you can control the technology. A thick, rubber-based upper adds much needed stability, and a reinforced ankle. Grab this innovative technology and gain that much needed on-court advantage!